Once in a while, a clock will be received with the hands out of place or the machine (movement) not working. We have prepared a simple guide for user to try to tinker a little bit. Sometimes simple issues can be resolved without the need to take it to a local technician or sending it back to the factory. We hope to save you time and expense. If further help is needed, please contact your seller.

1) Installing the Clock Hands or Fixing them when Loose or Out of Place

Fix the position of hands using your thumb and index finger, holding the hands at the side near the holes, putting them back in place using a gentle pressure. Align all hands to the number 12 clock position as you install them.

Figure 1  Installing the Clock Hands

2) Aligning the Clock Hands

Make sure all hands are aligned to the clock number 12 position. Then, check them at the sides for alignment. Gently move the hands up or down so they are in parallel.

Figure 2  Clock Hands Alignment

Note:  Hands may touch each other interfering with its proper movement. Clock hands are fragile or easily bent. Please handle with care.

3) Proper Battery Installation

Make sure the battery is inserted correctly. Note the battery polarity (+) and (-).

Figure 3  Battery Placement

4) DIY Replacement of Clock Movement

Follow the direction in Figure 4 below, removing the hands by lifting them using your thumb and index finger, holding the hands at the side near the holes, using gentle upward force. Remove the lock not and washer.

Figure 4  Clock Hands Removal

Replace the clock movement with a new one. Install the washer and lock nut. Do not over-tighten the nut. Then, follow the procedure in Figure 1 above on how to install the clock hands. Check the alignment of the hands and install a new battery to test.