Handmade (adjective), definition by wordhippo.com
Made by hand, usually self-reliant. Small-scale. Made according to the specifications of a particular individual. Related to, or taking part in, arts and crafts.

In our context, while machine are used in production to slice wood and drill holes, the rest are made by hand. It is a process where cutting, carving, sanding, and painting are sometimes repeated a few times in order to arrive at a finished product. It is a slow and careful process – it takes time. The methodology is not simple. There is a template for each of the process – cutting, carving, and painting.

The tools of the trade are chisels, paint brushes. They require the skilled hands of the artisans – some of them have been part of us for many years. A hand crafted item will start its way in the product development phase during the design stage. This too, require countless hours.

We never claim that our products are perfect, as one may notice some slight imperfections. But handmade has some character to it. The way we finish our product is different from everyone else – it is unique.